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The Tax Relief New Jersey approach begins with an in-depth interview between you and an experienced Tax Attorney.

Why Pay an Expert?

Unfortunately, the majority of tax representation firms utilize “salespeople” to conduct free consultations to reduce their overhead costs.  A free interview with a salesperson is a formula for disaster.

Because these individuals are not qualified, they do not have the experience to correctly advise you of the many options available.  Before scheduling any initial consultation, confirm whether the individual conducting the interview is an experienced tax professional, who maintains the proper licenses and credentials.

Beware: Inexperienced Tax Professionals

Another major area of concern is dealing with well-meaning but inexperienced tax representatives that provide incompetent advice.  For example, if a taxpayer with an outstanding tax liability had been properly advised to file a return as married filing separately versus married filing jointly, the other spouse would have avoided the financial consequence of the tax problem.  Many situations can be avoided if the taxpayer is correctly advised by a professional understands the IRS collection procedures.

Hire a Specialist

The IRS requires the taxpayer’s representative to be a CPA, an attorney, or an Enrolled Agent in order to speak to the IRS on your behalf.  If you are dealing with firm without tax professionals, go elsewhere. Tax Relief New Jersey is a law firm of tax attorneys to represent our clients before the government.

Understanding Your Options

During the initial consultation you will be advised of your options. Tax Relief New Jersey’s tax professionals will field specific questions pertaining to your tax liability. The following list briefly identifies core components that will serve as the foundation for any successful outcome.

Validity of Tax Liability

• Is the tax assessment accurate? • Can the Tax be eliminated or reduced?

Non-Filed Returns

• Have you failed to file? • If married, should you file separately from your spouse? • Are your records missing? • Will your returns be audited?

Elimination of Interest and Penalties

• Do you have reasonable cause for abatement of penalties and interest?

Understanding the Internal Revenue Service

After fielding specific questions during the interview, Tax Relief New Jersey will explain the different IRS divisions.  Most taxpayers are contacted by either the Collection or Examination Division.

Collection Division The primary focus of the Collection Division is to collect tax liabilities. Most taxpayers are contacted by the Collection Division because they have failed to file a return, or because a return was filed without the payment due.

Examination Division The Examination Division audits tax returns, and verifies information that will determine whether the taxpayer understated income, overstated expenses, or inaccurately reported the tax liability.  If you are a non-filer, and have not filed your returns, the Examination Division should not be contacting you.  In order to examine a return, the return needs to be filed.

Criminal Investigation Division The Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS investigates criminal activity by taxpayers.  Common examples of activity investigated by the CID are organized crime, white collar crime, drug dealers, etc.  Statistically, the chances of being involved in a criminal prosecution are relatively small.  However, if you have been contacted by a Special Agent, you should immediately seek the assistance of a criminal tax attorney.

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