Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Representation

Tax Relief New Jersey resolves IRS problems.

We will advise you in face-to-face in person meetings of the best tax strategies before negotiating with the IRS. For over 20 years, our firm has concentrated in the representation of taxpayers before the IRS.

We offer complete Internal Revenue Service representation personally or on behalf of your business. We will manage, negotiate and settle any claims, audits, payments, or debt you may have against the Internal Revenue Service.

We’ve helped hundreds of taxpayers resolve IRS tax problems. We work closely with you to help resolve:

  • IRS Tax Issues/Tax Problems
  • IRS Tax Penalties
  • IRS Tax Levies
  • Tax Liens
  • Tax Garnishment
  • Trust Fund Penalties
  • Offer in Compromise
  • 100% Penalty
  • Statute of Limitations

Call us today to be sure that all of your rights are protected and that you pay only your lowest legal possible tax allowing us to help with:

  • Back Taxes/Returns for Personal & Business Income Taxes
  • IRS Representation
  • IRS Appeals
  • Collection Appeal
  • IRS Installment Plans
  • Delinquent Returns
  • Late Payment/Filing of Payroll Tax Returns
  • Wage Levies
  • Tax Advocacy
  • Tax Mitigation/Elimination

Frequently tax representation issues allow us to evaluate many items in determining that only your lowest legal possible tax is reflected:

  • Amending Tax Returns
  • Filing of Past Returns
  • Evaluating & Determining Tax Elections
  • Determination of Filing Status
  • Review of Past Filed Returns

Call us today to take advantage of our free initial consultation.

10 Dos and Don’ts for Dealing with an IRS Audit

Nobody likes to be audited by the IRS. But it happens every day and it could happen to you. Here are 10 tips for dealing with an IRS audit:

  1. Do contact the IRS auditor immediately and let him or her know that you intend to cooperate – Cooperation counts. When you resist the process or act indignant, the IRS auditor assumes you have something to hide.
  2. Do consult with your tax preparer to discuss your return and the potential high risk areas – If you had your return prepared by someone else, have that person go over his file with you and explain how he arrived at the numbers included on the return.
  3. Do assemble your records by year and category of income and deduction – Organization and preparation greatly increase your chances of a favorable outcome.
  4. Do consult with a tax lawyer experienced in representing taxpayers before the IRS audit division – Handling an audit by yourself is dangerous. The process is rife with risks. See number 8, below.
  5. Do be respectful and understanding towards the auditor at all times – It never hurts to be liked, but it could be fatal to be disliked. But don’t be too nice or the IRS auditor might thing you’re trying to bribe her.
  6. Don’t get angry – This is counterproductive.
  7. Don’t accuse the IRS of harassment – No one ever won an IRS audit because it accused the IRS was being a pain in the butt.
  8. Don’t try to handle the IRS audit alone – Many taxpayers hire us after they have attempted to handle their tax audits by themselves. In these cases our fees are greater because we have to undo the damage already done by the taxpayer.
  9. Don’t lie – This could result in an IRS criminal referral or the imposition of IRS civil fraud penalties, but almost certainly will hurt your chances of a favorable resolution of the IRS audit. Also, lying to an IRS agent will probably cause him to expand the audit to other tax years.
  10. Don’t sign anything without first consulting an experienced tax attorney – Even if the IRS auditor asks you to sign something, don’t do it without first speaking to a tax attorney. The IRS auditor must allow you to consult with a tax advisor whenever you request it and especially before you agree to any IRS tax adjustments or IRS statute extension waiver.